1. Website and Email Privacy Statement of Annalize du Toit Optometrists

We collect, process and store information of data subjects as a usual course of our business. We need to continue doing so whilst being compliant with POPI (the Protection of Personal Information Act). We are fully compliant with POPI and this statement serves as our disclosure to Data Subjects and other interested parties, in broad terms, of how we achieve that. Data Subjects are defined as a natural or legal person whose information is collected, processed or stored.




From time to time, we may collect some of the information below of natural or legal persons, which is defined as personal information in terms of POPI. However, our specific interaction with the Data Subject will detail what information we need exactly:

Data Subject Rights

Data subjects have a right not to share the information as set out above but in that instance, we cannot offer Data Subjects our services. They may contact us to enquire what information of theirs we hold. They also have the right to correct their information or to request us to delete the information, unless the law states that we must hold the information. They have a right to revoke this consent. If a Data Subject would like to contact us in relation to Data Subject information, please see our contact details on our website.

Enquiries or Complaints

Anyone can approach us on our contact details on our website where you found this notice to speak to our Information Officer or to submit any data queries or complaints. You have the right to lodge a complaint to the Information Regulator at: POPIAComplaints.IR@justice.gov.za or search their office on the internet at www.justice.gov.za/inforeg/ .


By visiting our website and communicating electronically with us, the Data subject consents to the processing, including transfer of his Personal information as set out in this Notice.

  1. Cookies

What are cookies?

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Types of Cookies – We may use both types

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Permanent Cookies – stay on your machine until they expire or are deleted. Many are built with automatic deletion dates to help ensure your hard drive doesn’t get overloaded. These cookies often store and re-enter your login information, so you don’t need to remember membership details.

Additionally, cookies can be first- or third-party cookies. First-party cookies are owned and created by the website you’re viewing. Third-party cookies are owned and created by an independent company, usually a company providing a service to the owners of the website.

What we use them for

Internet cookies are common and do not damage your system – they just store or gather site information to help you do things online, like remembering login details so you don’t have to re-enter them when revisiting a site.

Managing your cookies

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